Jeong-Han & Choon-Hyang

Paper abstract artists, Jeong Han Yun and Choon Hyang Yun, have dedicated more than 30 years of their career for these artworks. Eager to produce an art material that brings evocative and aboriginal emotions — which seemed quite unobtainable from commonly available factory-manufactured papers, dyes, etc. — Jeong and Choon found the answer in nature: trees.

However, there was no easy way around to get the material from mother nature. Jeong and Choon climbed mountains, harvested wildly-grown Dak trees, peeled off the bark, pulverized the bark through numerous boilings and endless poundings with wooden rods by their hands, and saturated the fibers with dyes to resuscitate and reveal the very innate selves of the bark.

It is not about theories and ideologies you ought to know to appreciate Jeong and Choons’ artworks. They touch your mind, heart, and soul as you trace tangles of paper/wooden fibers and gaze at the vibrant colors. Such “world-around-you-stops” moments in front of Jeong and Choon’s works are not just an idea; they are prayers and meditations of the artists as they spend countless days and nights, pounding and boiling Dak trees. Perhaps, it is an invitation from Jeong and Choon to your own heart and soul.

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